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Typical range of products selected and provided to Industrial Customers

  • Turn key combustion units for industrial furnaces (i.e. metal or glass melting, reheating)
  • Air-gas or Oxygen-gas Industrial burners and pilot burners
  • Burners for refinery applications (fired heaters, steam reformers, cracking furnaces,…)
  • Flow interception and flow control valves for gases and fluids flow regulation
  • Process instrumentation (flow, pressure, temperature measurement)
  • Preassembled gases/liquids flow control and interception skids
  • Air Blowers
  • Pumps for water, high viscosity fluids, light and heavy fuel oils
  • Steam heat exchangers for heavy viscous media (i.e. heavy fuel oil)
  • Heat exchangers for heat recovery from furnaces exhausts (fumes /air, fumes/liquid fluids)
  • Fumes filtration plants
  • Fumes dampers
  • Filters for water and hydrocarbons
  • Air separation units to produce technical gases based on adsorption or cryogenic technologies (Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen)
  • Natural Gas liquefier plants
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